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Blood Collection Sets

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  • 21G BD Vacutainer Butterfly Safety Needle W/ Luer Adapter 12" Tubing 50 per box

    IDE-367281 "3/4"" L Needle, 21 Gauge, Green Wing, Sterile, Blood Collection Set with 12"" Tubing/Luer Adapter (50 per Box, 200 per Case)"

  • 21G BD Vacutainer Eclipse Multi Safety Latex Free Needle W/ Luer Adapter, 48 Needles a Box

    IDE-368607 "21 Gauge x 1-1/4"", Latex-Free, Regular Bevel, Thin Wall, Sterile, Multi-Sample, Shielded, Blood Collection, Disposable, Safety Needle (48 per Box, 480 per Case)"